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August 11, 2016
Okuma Makaira Special Edition 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels
December 12, 2016

Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels


Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels

Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels

Design, Drive, Drag and Durability… Big-Game Fishing for Giant Tuna, Marlin and Large Sharks will expose weakness in any one of these Component Systems with Disastrous Results. Embracing and addressing these four cornerstones, Okuma’s Multi-National Design Team, in cooperation with Tiburon Engineering, set out to reinvent the Offshore Fishing Reel. The Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels are that result.




Advanced, Unique and with numerous patents to its credit, Makaira provides uncompromised excellence within every aspect of its Design, Construction and Performance. With sizes to meet the demands of Big Game Fishing worldwide, the Okuma Makaira 2 Speed Lever Drag Reels set a standard that will advance the ability and redefine the expectations of Tournament Crews, Long-Range Anglers and Private Boaters across the globe!

Okuma Makaira Lever Drag Reels are backed by the industries Longest 5-year Warranty!



Makaira Reels Features:

• 6061-T6 Machined Aluminum Frame with Forged Sideplates
• 17-4 Stainless Steel Gearing
• Helical Cut Gears for Increased Torque
• Two-Speed Gearing Systems
• Anodized Aluminum Gear Shifter Housing.
• Cold Forged, Type-II Anodized, Machined Aluminum Spool
• CRC: Corrosion-Resistant Coating Process
• Patented Spool Pin System
• Carbonite Dual Force Drag System with Cal’s Drag Grease
• Custom Designed Thrust Bearing, Alleviates Side Load with Heavy Drag Settings
• ABEC-5 Precision Sapporo Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
• Double Dog Silent Anti-Reverse System
• Ratcheting Drag Lever
• Offset, T- Bar Handles
• Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Ratcheting Clicker System
• Heavy Duty, 17-4 Grade Stainless Steel Drive and Spool Shafts
• Type-II Gold Anodized Frame, Sideplates, Spool, Drag Lever and Handle Shaft
• Open top frame design on MK-5II, 10II, 15II, 20II, 50II
(Better access to line for free-lining baits)
• Ergonomic, Machined Thumb Rest on Rear Cross Bar
• Forged Aluminum, Full Hard Anodized Reel Foot and Rod Clamp
• Machine-etched Marlin on Left Sideplate
• Precision, Machined Drain Holes Maximize Water Removal from Internal Parts
(Reels get wet on boats… Flush them with fresh water after each use for longevity. The drain holes allow water to escape after.)
• Special Screw Ports around Sideplate Screws Reduce Salt and Corrosion Build-up
• 5-year Warranty, Longest in the Industry!






Gear Ratios




Line Retrieve

per Crank


Line Capacity


Maximum Drag Settings

w/ Freespool


Frame Style



MK-10II High: 4.7:1

Low: 2.1:1

26.1 High: 33.5”

Low: 15”

460/15lb(.37mm),  380/20lb(.42mm)  280/25lb(.48mm) Strike: 27lbs

Full: 34lbs

Topless 4BB + 1TB
MK-15TIISEa-GOLD High: 4.7:1

Low: 2.1:1

29 High: 38.9”

Low: 17”

525/20lb(.42mm),  390/25lb(.48mm)  300/30lb(.55mm) Strike: 32lbs

Full: 40lbs

Topless 4BB + 1TB
MK-16II High: 4.3:1

Low: 1.3:1

40.0 High: 39.2”

Low: 11.8”

870/20lb(.42mm),  650/25lb(.48mm)  500/30lb(.55mm) Strike: 34lbs

Full: 48lbs

Topless 4BB + 1TB
MK-20II High: 3.8:1

Low: 1.7:1

45.8 High: 39.4”

Low: 17.5”

870/25lb(.48mm),  660/30lb(.55mm)  530/40lb(.60mm) Strike: 37lbs

Full: 55lbs

Topless 4BB + 1TB
MK-30II High: 3.8:1

Low: 1.7:1

50.0 High: 39.4”

Low: 17.5”

850/30lb(.55mm),  700/40lb(.60mm)  550/50lb(.70mm) Strike: 37lbs

Full: 55lbs

Crossbar 4BB + 1TB
MK-50II High: 3.2:1

Low: 1.3:1

61.4 High: 37.8”

Low: 15.3”

1000/30lb(.55mm),  650/50lb(.70mm)  400/80lb(.90mm) Strike: 60lbs

Full: 85lbs

Topless 4BB + 1TB
MK-50WII High: 3.2:1

Low: 1.3:1

65.0 High: 37.8”

Low: 15.3”

900/50lb(.60mm),  780/60lb(.75mm)  560/80lb(.90mm) Strike: 60lbs

Full: 85lbs

Crossbar 4BB + 1TB
MK-80WII High: 3.1:1

Low: 1.2:1

116.0 High: 45.7”

Low: 20.5”

1000/80lb(.90mm),  850/100lb(1.0mm)  660/130lb(1.12mm) Strike: 70lbs

Full: 100lbs

Crossbar 6BB + 1TB
MK-130II High: 2.2:1

Low: 1.2:1

167.0 High: 39.7”

Low: 21.7”

1570/80lb(.90mm) 1270/100lb(1.0mm) 1000/130lb(1.12mm) Strike: 75lbs

Full: 100lbs

Crossbar 6BB + 1TB



MK-10II, MK-15TIISEa-GOLD, MK-16II, MK-20II, MK-30II, MK-50II, MK-50WII, MK-80WII, MK-130II