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Tunacious Balloon Sliders


Tunacious Balloon Sliders – 10 Pack

  • Soft, Silicone Construction.
  • Designed to wind through roller guides.
  • Low-Profile Design.
  • Features Loop to securely attach balloon with rubber band.


Tunacious Balloon Sliders

The Tunacious Balloon Sliders were specifically made to fit through big game roller guides, with their soft silicone construction and low-profile design. These balloon sliders will fit through Aftco Big-Foot and Wind-on style guides as well as Winthrop and other similar roller guides. Balloon sliders allow you to check your baits without having to remove the balloon from your line, which ultimately leads to catching more fish! The use of a balloon slider makes the process of checking your baits and/or cleaning your leaders more streamlined and safer than having a bunch of line laying on the deck.

How to properly use the Tunacious Balloon Sliders:

  1. Attach the balloon slider onto your mainline above the swivel on your leader.
  2. Attach your balloon to the slider loop with a rubber band. (A #32 rubber band is preferred).
  3. Tie a rubber band onto your mainline behind the slider at your desired bait depth. This will act as stopper when checking and resetting your baits.
  4. When checking baits, simply reel the rubber band through your guides, the slider will stop at your weight.
  5. After a hook-up, the rubber bands will simply break allowing you to focus on the battle and the balloon slider will pass through the guides, allowing you to get the fish within harpoon range!